SWISSAM Open Day 27.04.21

Swiss diploma in Saint- Petersburg: is it possible?

SWISSAM – International University of Hospitality and Culinary Arts in Saint-Petersburg.

Today we will talk about the fact that a Swiss diploma of higher education in Saint Petersburg is possible. And about the most important thing – advantages.



  • No need to move abroad!


Confidence after the pandemic has sharply decreased for most of us. Moving to another country is a lot of stress, especially at the age of a high school graduate. While receiving a Swiss diploma in St. Petersburg, the feeling of safety and security will be much better than in a foreign land and at a distance from your family.



  • It is much cheaper than in Switzerland!


Do the math: renting an apartment, flights, expensive education. You are also aware of the Swiss prices for food, transport, entertainment. IMI diploma in St. Petersburg will cost 4 times less than in Lucerne.



  • If you still want to study in Switzerland – welcome!


You can transfer to the Swiss IMI campus on any undergraduate course. To do this, it is enough just to express a desire. We will take care of the organization!



  • Education according to all international standards. This is not a classical university!


Leading industry experts, face-to-face training, live classes, small groups and an individual approach to each student will ensure that new knowledge is systematized! 

This is NOT a classical university education, both in terms of approach and level of knowledge. The training is exclusively specialized.



  • Status and recognition!


A Swiss diploma adds status and expertise to the portfolio, recognition among colleagues, opens up new horizons and expands international professional ties.


Attend SWISSAM Open Day and ask your questions!

When: April 27 at 15:00

Format: online

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