The government expects business not only requests, but also suggestions

On December 12th, 2018, the St. Petersburg International Business Association held a meeting of representatives of the business community with the Chairman of the Finance Committee of St. Petersburg, A.A. Korabelnikov. The topic of the meeting was «Prospects for the development of St. Petersburg, the plans of the Finance Committee and current priority issues».

The interaction of SPIBA with the local authorities of St. Petersburg is not limited to “reporting meetings” with officials – the largest business association in the North-West is proud of the success stories that have taken place thanks to the constructive dialogue between the business community and the authorities.

Opening the meeting with the Chairman of the Finance Committee of St. Petersburg, Anton Kabakov, partner of Forte Tax & Law, noted that it was not the first time SPIBA members met with the Finance Committee, and the business community was interested in understanding what steps the city is taking in direction of socio-economic development, one of the main business requests to the government – a request for predictability.

Alexey Korabelnikov confirmed the need for collaboration with the business community. “It is important to me,” underlined the chairman of the Finance Committee, “to hear the current demands and understand the requests of the business community. But I want to know not only about the problems, but also about the proposals for their correction”.

The restrictions on the rights of the regions to provide additional tax incentives that come into effect in 2019 cause great concern to the business community. Working on changes in tax policy the city tries to find a balance between the interests of business and the interests of the government (budget revenues, economic competitiveness, job creation, etc.).

The development of small and medium-sized enterprises is strategically important for the city. It is necessary to “nourish and cherish, as it provides a good social effect and tax revenues in the future.”

Preparing for the meeting with the Chairman of the Finance Committee of St. Petersburg representatives of SPIBA member companies made a list of their concerns in advance. An informal conversation on important topics for the community captivated all participants and covered the most diverse aspects of the city economy. The questions were not only addressed to the activities of the Finance Committee, but also to all the state executive authorities of St. Petersburg. The growth of the airport «Pulkovo» and the necessity to develop the transport infrastructure, employment and retraining of workers approaching retirement age, changes in the development of the automotive market, involvement of inhabitants in projects that improve the urban environment – the Chairman vividly discussed even those topics that are “not in the focus of the Finance Committee activities”, honestly expressing his opinion.

The limited time of the meeting did not allow to discuss all the issues from the list. But this means, as noted by Anton Kabakov, there is a reason for the next meeting. Alexey A. Korabelnikov again addressed the business community with an invitation to “meet at the beginning of next year for a detailed dialogue”. “Today there are more questions and in January-February we want more answers – your proposals or suggestions for an operational, practical, strategic plan in order to understand in which direction we should develop”.

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