The success story of Sokos Hotels in St.Petersburg

Green Key is a voluntary eco-label awarded to more than 2,700 hotels and other establishments in 56 countries. In 2017, all 3 Sokos Hotels in St.Petersburg met the needed requirements and received Green Key certificate. In order to do so, we started using special water preserving systems, energy-saving lamps, energy efficient equipment, to sort garbage, use only ecologically marked cleaning products, paper towels and toilet paper. We started offering a wide variety of local organic food products as well as vegetable dishes in our restaurants. We encourage our staff and our guests to use such resources as water and electricity wisely.

Our employees are taking part in sorting garbage into such categories as paper, cardboard, plastic, batteries. We started to collect plastic bottle caps marked (2) in order to participate in All-Russia social-ecological project Dobrie Krishechki aiming to help kids with special needs. We regularly organize special trainings for our staff while keeping an eye on following our internal environment protection rules. Ecological education helps create common values for employees and make their work more meaningful. Our guests also feel good about staying in ecologically-friendly hotels and become more educated on the ways how to save the resources.



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