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Project Manager

Upsala-Circus is a Center for New Circus in St. Petersburg. We’re hiring a brainy Project Manager for our Circus for Rebels long-term project.

Core objective: to lead the project into the future, to bring new inspiration, to ensure that all operations are run like a charm, and our wayward youngsters become even happier.

What about bonuses?

☀️with us, you won’t just spent regular office hours but lead change-making initiatives. We empower kids and teenagers with at-risk social status and special needs to improve their lives and develop their talents.

☀️Upsala-Circus is the only team in Russia that applies New Circus (cirque nouveau) values and methods in everyday practice. We bring experience and expertise from the world’s most renowned experts in the field of contemporary art.

And here’s the list of responsibilities:

☀️Project budgeting. Budget preparation, cost control, allocation of resources  (together with Fundraising Team).

☀️We’ve created a method of circus pedagogy. And Project Manager will take part in its refinement and extension. We apply this method to every stage of our regular work with kids and teenagers. You will ensure that the method is effectively employed and attract experts to upgrade our approach.

☀️Team management: hiring, training and development. Project Manager is responsible for attracting talents to his/her team. We are always here to support you, but we believe you are perfectly aware of competences that your team lacks to perform genuinely great.

☀️Event management to employ the circus method. We’re not looking for 100% event manager, but you might not be satisfied with daily routine. Your head is full of out-of-the-box ideas how to enliven the neighborhood, excite the citizens and extent the circus community with the means of new circus art, isn’t it?

☀️Promoting awareness about Upsala-Circus within various stakeholder groups. We target the global leadership. Ups, we’re kidding, guys. We just run fast and keep focused on international partnerships. You’ll be engaged in negotiations and networking with various communities to promote our method and increase awareness about Upsala-Circus expertise in circus pedagogy.

☀️We collaborate with such fancy teams as Bosch Parade (the Netherlands), La Fabrique Royale (French free runners), АХЕ Theater, Slava Polunin and Yana Touminaина to mention a few. And we won’t rest calmly, believe us. You’ll be also engaged in building new partnerships and establishing new joint projects.

We’re looking for a person who will be anxious about our project and is eager to favor the rebels as we do.

Please send your CV to our mailbox

Event Manager

Upsala-Circus is a Center for New Circus in St. Petersburg. We’re hiring an awesome Event Manager to join our Event Team. You’ll be responsible for arranging events of various scales (from 15 to 3000 participants), promoting Upsala-Circus professional troupe and launching a sort of Producer Center.

We focus at unlocking creativity in every person because we believe in genuine talent of a human being. All our initiatives are driven by this worldview, which is implemented by the means of contemporary art: new circus, street theater, video art, lighting and sound design and many other genres.

With our events we create fruitful environment to foster individual creativity and team building. We’re looking for a person who will ensure that our event story is told and spread with regard to our values.


  1. Project budgeting and cost control
  2. Developing a pool of talents and creative teams that participate in our events, including European brands
  3. Organizing events in a way that a client is engaged in all the activities with a calm confidence (if you are up to speed, you’ll know what we’re talking about). Allocation of necessary resources and scrutinous process control
  4. Elaborating and implementing strategy for Upsala-Circus professional troupe: identification of “product”, team development, PR and promotion, networking and establishing partnerships across Russia and abroad, circus tours and guest performances. We’ll provide you with substantial support for these tasks
  5. Warehousing and safekeeping of art objects, set design and every item used for our events

We’re looking for a person who finds excitement in hectic schedules, interactions with creative community and constant workload (at the weekends as well). We don’t search for proven experience in event management, but we want you to be fond of other people, take care of their needs and be sensitive to every detail that affects the overall performance and client’s mood.

For you this position can become a sort of promotion or a total career shift. We are committed to support you, provide with freedom of choice and await for the visible results.

Good English knowledge is your advantage, because we aspire numerous European partnerships and joint projects.

As we’ve just started our journey, the initial salary is moderate, but it will grow with the project.

If you’re keen on organizing fascinating and inspiring events, please send us your story to And let’s discuss further perspectives.

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