Webinar: Innovative Entrepreneurship in a Hyperconnected World, Sanctions and the Digital Economy

On October 10th at 19:00, Nordic School of Economics invites you to a webinar featuring Alexey Minin, Director of Development of Digital Products and Services (Western Europe)

During the webinar we will delve into the origins of the digital economy and explore the reasons behind its naming, examine the factors that have driven its emergence and global growth and distinguish it from the post-industrial economy. We will also explore cutting-edge technologies such as big data, blockchain, cryptocurrencies and artificial intelligence, seeking to assess their current state of development and their profound impact on business.

Throughout we will analyze the concept of a business model, elucidate why digital business models not only exhibit enhanced competitiveness but also increased susceptibility to competition. We will investigate the factors that empower companies to maintain a competitive edge in the digital economy, the role of innovation in this context, and whether constant innovation is a prerequisite for competitiveness.

Lastly, we will scrutinize the blueprint for establishing a successful business within the digital economy, emphasizing the key performance metrics that should be tracked. We will explore the role of startups in the global economy and why they require a global outlook.


  • Introduction to the Digital Economy: Origins and Distinctions from the Conventional Post-Industrial Economy
  • Digital Economy Business Models: The Ingredients of Competitiveness
  • Defining Competitiveness in the Digital Economy: Forms and Differences
  • The Role of Technologies in the Digital Economy
  • Can Companies Sustain Competitiveness in the Digital Economy Without Investing in Technology?
  • Innovation as a Catalyst for Progress: Defining Innovation, Its Creation, and Addressing Common Misconceptions
  • Crafting an Innovative and Flourishing Business in the Digital Economy: Key Components, Processes, and Metrics


Alexey Minin is the Director of the Department of Development of Digital Products and Services at a global company headquartered in Western Europe. He is also the co-founder of ShutterApp, founder of AIMES, an honorary professor, and holds a doctorate in artificial intelligence from the Technical University of Munich.


This webinar is presented in conjunction with the launch of two open executive programs: Business Zoom (launch on October 25th, 2023) and Advanced Business Management (launch on November 29th, 2023).

Alexey Popov, Director of Programs at Nordic School of Economics, will answer the questions.


Registration: https://sserussia.timepad.ru/event/2592123/

Language: Russian

Duration: 1.5 hrs

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