Webinar: Managing Business Strategy in Uncertainty

On November 8th at 19:00, Nordic School of Economics invites you to a webinar featuring Alexander Belov, certified facilitator for strategy development, teacher at NSE executive open programs.

The current global and domestic landscape is a powerful challenge for businesses. Under these conditions, the revision, creation and adjustment of business strategy occurs continuously and at different management levels. Therefore, the skill of “strategizing” becomes key for top managers. This requires them to master the tools of regular strategizing and monitoring, often without the involvement of external expert assistance. We will discuss what these tools are, how to implement them into work and what results it brings.


Key questions:


  1. How to abandon rigid strategy options that would have been adopted earlier and assumed a finite set of alternatives and development scenarios
  2. How to adapt to the influence of constantly changing circumstances
  3. What are the challenges and how does business in Russia respond?
  4. How to independently develop the company’s internal expertise in matters of strategy without the help of external consultants

For whom:

  1. For managers of all levels responsible for business development, searching for new directions and increasing efficiency
  2. For top managers and owners seeking to master strategy skills in times of change

Alexander Belov is a managing partner of Best T&D Group, head of the business training department at Academy of Social Technologies, author of programs for the development of personnel reserves and leadership. He specializes in conducting management and leadership programs, moderating strategic sessions and coaching sessions for top managers.

This webinar is presented in conjunction with the launch of two open executive programs: Business Zoom (launch on February 7th, 2024) and Advanced Business Management (launch on November 29th, 2023).

Alexey Popov, Director of programs at Nordic School of Economics, will answer the questions.




Language: Russian
Duration: 1.5 hrs
The recording of webinar will not be available.

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