Who lives here? People!

On January 21, 2019, the members of the St. Petersburg international Business Association continued their meetings with the leading companies of the city within the Look@It project . This time the guests were hosted by IKEA Design Studio in Atlantic city shopping Mall.

 If the frosty morning of Monday began with a Cup of hot coffee and smiles of friends, the charge of vivacity, energy, good mood for the working week is guaranteed. For many members of SPIBA morning began that way-with coffee and smiles in the design Studio IKEA. “HEJ!” — in Swedish welcomed guests IKEA, offering treats and starting the presentation of the Design Studio.

Representatives of IKEA began his story with a question. Showing photos of different interiors, they asked the audience: “Who do you think lives here?” The participants of the meeting expressed their assumptions, but they all came down to one thing: people live everywhere. It is connected with the people the main mission of IKEA-to make their daily lives better.

Few know that in fact IKEA — a brand that unites a large number of companies. Friendly owners enthusiastically talked about the unique advantages of IKEA and how the company adheres to its basic principles in the business, which is based on the “IKEA Diamond” with a focus on the buyer and the supplier. Caring, respectful attitude of the company to people forms the policy of the whole business. And if careful attention to the demand and needs  of customers practiced by many  organizations, here is the relationship with IKEA suppliers certainly came as a surprise to many: IKEA is not only carefully selects suppliers and checks them for compliance with its principles of business conduct.

Loyalty to partners and focus on long- term cooperation is confirmed by the actions; when during the crisis one of the suppliers was in a difficult situation, and there was a threat of closure,

IKEA has invested in joint production to maintain cooperation. And besides IKEA has its own 40 production sites in 10 countries.

After a fascinating story about the company, the meeting  participants were on a small tour of the IKEA Design Studio and saw a variety of interiors

in which, thanks to the technical equipment (point the smartphone at the picture and hear everything), the stories of their inhabitants begin to sound. And when again was heard the question: “who lives here?”, members SPIBA without hesitation responded: “Everywhere live PEOPLE!”. 

The event ended with a short quiz about IKEA with prizes and gifts.

The inspiration of the hosts was conveyed to the guests, who continued to consider the interiors, discuss the details and, possibly, presented new designs of their apartments and offices.

The look@It project has been popular in SPIBA for many years: members of the Association are happy to get acquainted with business leaders who have become good friends, discover the secrets of the companies’ work, learn their success stories.

Meeting look@ IKEA Design Studio in Atlantic city was no exception and gave members of the St. Petersburg International Business Association new discoveries, acquaintances and ideas.


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