Dear friends!

Cool and rainy weather of June wasn’t an obstacle for the variety of events that were held by SPIBA. We were able to celebrate the last month of summer and end of white nights on the annual SPIBA White Nights Boat Cruise where many members, partners and friends of the association came together on the same boat. The best moments of the cruise are on the SPIBA website in the photo gallery. Now, we’re happy to share with you our June bulletin.

On the 3rd of June the Marketing and Communications committee invited the members of SPIBA to a “Breakfast with the Director” event. The guest of the meeting was Andrey Barannikov, General Director of SPN Communications company, AKOS Chairman, Vice President of RASO. The topic of the event was “Sports Marketing Experience Sochi – 2014.” During the meeting Andrey Barannikov shared his experience working at the Olympic Games. He talked about the marketing campaign “One Country – One Team,” as well as the “Russian Olympic Team Fan House” project – the first of its kind. Barannikov reported that these campaigns were effective in uniting the country into one big team that supported all  Russian sportsmen. Details of the event are here.

On the 4th of June SPIBA and the Nordic Council of Ministers Information Office in St. Petersburg invited the members of SPIBA to participate in a conference on the topic of “The Labour Environment and Occupational Safety and Health in Northern Europe.”  During the conference the presentations were given occupational safety in the Nordic countries and the events of Nordic Council of Ministers; the implementation of the Nordic Council of Ministers project: Labour Environment and Occupational Safety”;   and the experience of adaptation of local legislation on occupational safety to the requirements of international EU conventions.

On the 5th of June the HR and Legislation and Lobbying Committees held a joint meeting on the topic of internal investigation of economic crimes committed by employees. Leida Lukianova, Associate at Baker & McKenzie, shared with the participants the purpose of internal investigations. Andrey Novikov, Partner at Ernst & Young, talked about the use of modern technology in Internal investigations.  Anna Gavrilova, Associate at Baker & McKenzie, talked about the practical aspects of internal investigations clearance.

On June 10th SPIBA held a cross-committee meeting. The aims of the meeting were to introduce participants to one another, discuss common objectives and plans for future events and propose legislative initiatives and other questions or issues.

On the 17th of June SPIBA held a General Meeting of SPIBA members with participation by Anatoly Ivanovich Kotov, Chairman of the Committee on Economic Policy and Strategic Planning of St. Petersburg. The topics discussed at the meeting included the current economic state of the city, as well as the crucial points and actions towards implementation of the newly created socio-economic development strategy of St. Petersburg through 2030. The variety of people who participated in the meeting included the representatives of the SPIBA members companies, presidents, directors and the heads of the departments of different sorts of companies.

On the 19th of June the Industrial Committee invited SPIBA members to the meeting “Outsourcing of secondary business processes with a logistics example.” Associate Professor of the Department of Operations Management of The Graduate School of Management, Konstantin Krotov, presented the conceptual model of outsourcing based on transaction cost theory and a resource-based view and showed the participants how to use it in practice. Elena Kolmakova, Customer Service Manager of ORKLA Brands Russia, talked about how warehouse outsourcing works using their model as an example.

On the 24th of June SPIBA held a meeting with the management of the St.Petersburg Federal Antimonopoly Service. Vadim Valerievich Vladimirov, the head of the St. Petersburg Federal Antimonopoly Service, talked about the topic of “Perspectives of the fourth antimonopoly edict, ”What companies should expect and be prepared for.” In addition, Vadim Valerievich answered participant questions concerning the re-formation of the Antimonopoly Service from a “punishing” into a “preventive” approach as well as concerning the existing control of the law about “Commercials” on the territory of St. Petersburg.

On the 25th of June the Financial Committee invited SPIBA members to take part in the seminar on the topic of “Optimization of financial services.” Elena Silkina, the Financial Director of the Northern Capital Gateway gave a presentation about the optimization of the function of currency control and how it works in their company. Natalia Mitkevich, the Project Director of ACCA, talked about the global business-services that ACCA has to offer. The Chief Accountant of Boehringer Ingelheim, Viktoriya Smirnova showed how her company handles the outsourcing of processing advance statements and the nuances of this process. Ludmila Shusterova, the Strategic Development Director of BDO Unicon Outsourcing, gave a presentation on the topic of “Financial specialists – approaches to management and career perspectives.”

On the 26th of June the Marketing and Communications Committee held a “Yandex Services” master-class. The hosts of the master class were the Head of Yandex Sales Department Anastasia Avgustovskaya, and  Anastasia Moshuk and Andrey Kolpakov leaders of group working with agencies. During the event the participants were able to find out about the dynamics of the Internet audience, dynamics of the Yandex Internet-advertising market, opportunities for contextual advertising and Internet-advertising performance measures. The theoretical aspects of the presentation were supported by practical examples of Yandex.Direct and Yandex.Metrics services. Click here for more details.

July SPIBA events will include the interactive Manifesta 10 tour, a meeting concerning the topic of viral video advertising as well as English club meetings. We look forward to seeing you at our future events!