SPIBA Membership:

SPIBA is composed of a diverse group of foreign and Russian firms operating in north-western Russia. Those who share the SPIBA philosophy, and are willing to improve the investment climate in north-western Russia, are eligible for membership.

Application procedure:

Please download and fill out the SPIBA Membership Application Form and send it via e-mail to office@spiba.ru. All applications for membership are reviewed by the Executive Committee and are generally acted upon within two weeks of submission. Once the application has been approved, the new member will receive a New Member Package that includes an invoice for annual membership dues.
If you have any questions about the application procedure please contact us.

Membership dues:

Gold Membership dues (for commercial organizations)

For the fiscal year 2022 (January 1, 2022 – December 31, 2022) Gold membership dues are payable in quarterly installments of 36,000 rubles (amounting to 144,000 rubles per year). Members can also pay the annual dues in one installment of 125,000 rubles.

Silver Membership dues (Micro Enterprises and non-profit organizations) 

These dues are payable in quarterly installments of 19,000 rubles (amounting to 76,000 rubles per year) or one installment of 52,500 rubles. Non-profit organizations must provide proof of their non-profit status to receive this discount.

Entrance fee:

For companies paying a one-time annual fee, entrance fee is not charged. For companies paying fees on quarterly basis, the entrance fee will be charged at the rate of quarterly fee in the amount of:

  • 36,000 rubles for commercial organizations.
  • 19,000 rubles for non-profit organizations, micro enterprises.

Method of Payment:

The standard method of payment is via bank transfer. Cash payments in rubles are also accepted.

Participation in SPIBA activities:

  • Each SPIBA member who pays their membership dues has an equal voice in the operation and direction of the association.
  • Any company representative can be included in the SPIBA distribution list to receive all current information on SPIBA activities.
  • Two companies representatives (Gold Membership)/One company representative (Silver membership) can attend SPIBA events free of charge and the second one for a discounted rate.