SPIBA Real Estate and Construction Committee helps members of the association navigate through the complex world of cadastres, construction codes, and regulations. During the meetings of this newly created committee, we discuss issues of interest to anyone who does business in the North – West of Russia. The performance of the Committee is extensive, as is the development and construction business. Often, it intersects with the activities of other SPIBA committees and then, at the junction of two or more branches an event occurs that can benefit: lawyers, financiers, accountants, managers of state workers.

The Committee sees its mission as follows:

  • To promote the advancement of knowledge of property market professionals and construction;
  •  To be a platform for discussion of urgent problems in the field of real estate;
  •  To familiarize all stakeholders with the best practices in the field of construction;
  •  Be disseminators in cooperation with the relevant committees of the governments of the city and region;
  •  To provide interesting, informative and often exclusive material for discussion at SPIBA.

Co-Chairs of the Real Estate and Construction Committee:

Nelli Aleinikova
Head of Global Corporate Services,




Vera Serezhina

Head of customer experience



Arina Dovzhenko

Specialist Partner
Nordic Star




Olga Sharygina

Vice President

Becar Asset Management
Managing Director for Becar Research & Development