The Legal Committee (before Legislation&Lobbying Committee) has been operating within SPIBA since its foundation in 1995. It provides significant input into the implementation of the SPIBA mission as the voice of business with Russian government authorities.

The major functions of the committee are to:

  • Highlight problems that companies face with business, commercial, and tax legislation in north-western Russia.
  • Lobby on behalf of our members for solutions to these problems.
  • Develop legislative recommendations and initiatives.
  • Interact with local and federal authorities while advancing SPIBA’s proposals and initiatives.
  • Seek and build cooperation with other business associations, thus strengthening the voice of the entire business community.

 Co-Chairs of the Legal Committee:

Evgeniy Zimin

Head of the Regional Department of Legal Support in the North-West Region

X5 Group



Igor Gorokhov
Principal Associate
Capital Legal Services



Olga Vorobyeva

Head of Legal Practice

Emerging Markets Group





We invite SPIBA members to participate in this committee and to inform us about issues that concern you in order to give the committee ideas to improve the business environment in north-western Russia.