SPIBA March 2015 events

March 18th the round table discussion “New dimensions of efficiency” was taking place. Pavel Novikov, Director of Executive MBA Programs at Stockholm School of Economics, was the moderator of the discussion.  Boris Kaplun, General Director, AMCOR Tobacco Packaging, gave the presentation on the topic “Pr
actical approach to the increase of the company efficiency basing on a stakeholders view”.Duncan Black, Production and Procurement Director, Atria Russia, told the guests of the event how to increase production efficiency in FMCG business and also shared his own work experience in Russia and UK. Vadim Egorov, Production Director (Site Manager), JSС “FAZER”, shared the practical methods of measurement and management of working time efficiency at the industrial production with the discussion participants.

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March 25th – “HR Branding” conference that was dedicated to the employer’s brand development was organized.Natalia Koltsova, Director of internal communications, BCA, gave the presentation on the topic “Modern trends and instruments of HR-Branding: review of the Western and Russian practices”. Anna Kolesnikova, head of HR department, PRISMA talked about the internal HR-brand and intangible motivation of the employees during crisis times. Yana Donskaya, HR Director, Member of the Board, Northern Capital Gateway, along with Yury Romanchev, Head of recruitment and employer brand development, Pulkovo Airport (LLC “Northern Capital Gateway”), shared the case of the modification of the Pulkovo Airport HR-brand. The presentation of Tatiana Leontieva, Head of North-West macro-region, Leasing Company ANCOR, was about the global research of the HR-brand attractiveness in Russia in the framework of the annual review and Randstad Award. Evgeniya Portnova, Manager HR Operations, Philip Morris Izhora, talked about the involvement of the employees in the employer’s brand formation. Yana Yakusheva, Senior HR and HR-brand development specialist, JTI Petro, highlighted the features of the HR-brand development among the representatives of generation Y.

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March 31st – In the framework of the Legal Debating Club SPIBA Legislation and Lobbying Committee conducted the round table discussion “Bankruptcy of a counterparty: legal, managerial and financial risks”. Among the speakers of the event were Nina Boer, Managing Partner, Iusland Law Offices, Gleb Apenk

in, Associate, Capital Legal Services, Leida Lukianova, Associate, Baker & McKenzie, Dmitriy Tumanov, Deputy Head of division for work with bankruptcies at the North-Western Bank of Sberbank. The program of the event also included the elections of three chairpersons of the Legislation and
Lobbying Committee. Nina Boer, Iusland, Igor Gorokhov, Capital Legal Services, and Iliya Kotov, Borenius, have been elected.

Read more – See photos – See the presentation of: Nina Boer, Managing Partner, Iusland Law Offices: “Bankruptcy of a counterparty: strategy, perspectives, risks and terms”/ Gleb Apenkin, Associate, Capital Legal Services: “Efficient countermeasures against arbitration manager’s malpractice”/ Leida Lukianova, Associate, Baker & McKenzie, “Subsidiary liability of debtor’s controllers”/ Dmitriy Tumanov, Deputy head of division for work with bankruptcies at the North-Western Bank of Sberbank: Interaction of credit institutes with entities that participate in a bankruptcy case; some situations of contestation of debtor’s transactions

March 12th – SPIBA Real Estate & Construction Committee: seminar “Changes in the legal regime of real estate in the Civil Code. Law enforcement practice”.

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March 13th – Look@Baltika Breweries

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March 19th – “Import Substitution” Conference

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March 19th – SPIBA Committee on Quality of life: meeting with a musician Andrey Reshetin and his ensemble “Soloists of Ekaterina the Great”.

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March 19th – SPIBA HR Committee and the St.Petersburg University Graduate School of Management: round table “HR management for knowledge management”.

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March 24th – SPIBA Legislation & Lobbying Committee: round table “Land Code Amendments”.