SPIBA September events
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September 12th SPIBA continued its series of Look@It events with a Look@Danone trip. Petmol is now one of the largest dairy industry companies that has branches in Russia and that meets the international quality and food safety standards. Products of the company recognized by names like “Prostokvashino”, “Tyoma”, “Petmol”, “Biobalance”, “Smeshariki” and other brands are well-known both in and outside the country. A company presentation about and Petmol plant tour were followed by a tasting of the company’s products.

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September 18th SPIBA, in cooperation with Kelly Services, organized a roundtable for HR-professionals on the topic “Labor market trends. Recruitment specificity in Velikiy Novgorod” with the support of the Novgorod branch of  “Sberbank Russia.” The speakers of the event were representatives from  companies such as Kelly Services, Baker&McKenzie, Amcor Tobacco Packaging, RANEPA, Mondelis, as well as SPIBA.

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September 23rd the HR Committee of SPIBA held a meeting “Interactions with Trade Unions.” Irina Tambovskaya, Deputy Director of the “Rostelecom North-West” macroregional branch and Organization Development and Management Director, along with Marina Suhih, Director of External Communications at “Rostelecom North-West”, spoke about the  methods of effective collaboration of Trade Unions with the External Communications Department of “Rostelecom North-West.”  Yana Donskaya, HR Director of Northern Capital Gateway gave a presentation on the topic interaction with trade unions while in the process of implementing changes focusing on the Northern Capital Gateway (Airport Pulkovo) experience.

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September 4th – The Logistics Committee held a meeting on the topic “Building the Resilient Supply Chain” with Behzad Samii, Associate Professor of the Operations and Supply Chain Management Department, Vlerick Business School.
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September 9th – The Real Estate & Construction Committee and RBI Holding held a roundtable on the topic “Contemporary Petersburg style: what is it?” with participation oby Vladimir Grigoriev, a popular Saint Petersburg architect (“Galleria” project on Ligovsky prospect).
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September 16th – Get Together at Four Seasons Hotel Lion Palace

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September 19th – SPIBA Finance Committee: seminar on transfer pricing: “Revision of transfer pricing documentation”.
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September 19th – SPIBA Cultural Discoveries: exclusive private opening of the “Handmade in Germany” exhibit.  

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September 26th – Osaka Promotion Seminar.
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In addition we are pleased to share our “SPIBA Half Year Report” with you where you can learn about the  noteworthy moments of SPIBA activities over the last six months!