Enter the university abroad in September 2018? Yes, for sure!

 AcademConsult experts will help you or your child to become a student of a foreign university even in 2018.

Just choose a country where you will live and study this fall:

the UK

The best country for education. UK Universities – it is an absolute brand and prestige. The programmes are designed for effective learning of students with different levels of basic knowledge.

the USA

Investments in higher education will be rewarded within 3 years after graduation. You can stay on a highly paid internship in the USA after graduation. Graduates have 14 months to find job!


Finish the foundation programme on a warm and sunny island and continue your education at any university in Europe!

How does it work? 10 simple steps:

  1. you call or write to AcademConsult
  2. our specialist contacts you to discuss the details
  3. we sign up the agreement for enrollment in 2018, and you pay for our services
  4. we prepare the documents for enrollment and receive a confirmation and a invoice from the university
  5. you pay for the programme and accommodation
  6. we prepare visa documents and you pay a consular fee
  7. apply for a visa
  8. we give a consultation/training on visa interview
  9. receive a visa
  10. you go to the university

The advantages of studying with us:

AcademConsult is your family professional educational consultant:

  • 24 years of experience
  • more than 1,500 enrollments to the best universities in the world, more than 600 – to the best schools abroad
  • work with any educational institution and not only with partner universities
  • we are experts in work with unique and complex cases
  • free first consultation of experts on the selection of programmes, education and work abroad
  • free testing of language proficiency level
  • full package of enrollment services – turnkey work!

Only for SPIBA members – special promotional code: SPIBA. Get 20% off on the cost of AcademConsult services for university enrollment for 2018/19 academic year.

Leave us a request for the selection of the university – and in a month you will open up a new country and a new page of your life!

Please enter the promotional code SPIBA in “ваши пожелания, дополнительная информация” field while completing the form to get the discount.




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