GMCS: 700 employees of the Accounts Chamber passed competency assessment using WebSoft HCM

June 16, 2021, Moscow – GMCS has completed a project to implement a digital employee development platform based on WebSoft HCM in the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation.

The system has automated the basic training and development processes of more than 1200 employees of the Accounts Chamber. Websoft HCM’s capabilities allow training online, conducting employee adaptation and personnel assessment using the 360 methods, making a goal map and an individual development plan.

“It was important for us not only to create a platform for development and training but also to motivate employees to independently plan their personal and professional development. Competency assessment on the Websoft HCM platform allows employees to identify weaknesses, form an individual development plan, draw up a goal map and agree on it with the manager, and select courses of interest. Automation helps to collect and analyze data and make the necessary adjustments to personnel management processes,” said Maria Dolgolapteva, Deputy Director of the Department for Human Capital Development of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation.

To select the system, a 360-degree personnel assessment pilot was carried out. It involved about 700 employees. All employees of the Accounts Chamber can take part in improving approaches to training and mentoring. For example, an employee can leave feedback on the results of the completed e-course or webinar, as well as express his opinion about the mentor’s work.

“We focused on Russian software and started with a small pilot project to implement a personnel appraisal system. After making sure that WebSoft HCM meets our functional and technological requirements on a pilot solution, we moved on to a large project. The performer, represented by GMCS, deployed the platform within six months, covering all the main processes for personnel development,” added Mikhail Petrov, Director of the Department of Digital Transformation of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation. “As a result, we got a tool that can be used by all employees of the Accounts Chamber not only from their workplace. Users can undergo training on the portal, which is accessible from outside. The system fully covers current needs, and will also provide an opportunity to develop functionality in the field of personnel management and maintain the necessary competencies of a civil servant”.

“The implemented project is an example of effective digital transformation in the public sector in the field of HR. The open architecture and built-in development tools made it possible to quickly adapt the platform to the needs of the Accounts Chamber. In just a month, we set up a unique competency model in the system, which is the basis for working on several HR processes,” said Galina Khruslova, Head of the HR Solutions Division at GMCS.

The Websoft HCM platform is developed by the Russian company WebSoft, which has been working in the field of HR software for more than 20 years. The Websoft HCM platform (based on the WebTutor product) allows you to automate individual processes, build an effective analytics and decision support system in the field of personnel policy.


Information about the Accounts Chamber


The Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation is a supreme audit institution established in accordance with the Constitution of the Russian Federation. The Accounts Chamber develops a “sense of the taxpayer” and competently ensures the constitutional right of citizens to participate in the management of state


Information about WebSoft


WebSoft is the leading Russian independent software vendor that develops a comprehensive suite of software products for e-Learning and human capital management. WebSoft software supports the processes of e-Learning, authoring electronic content, employee assessment, testing, competency management, knowledge management, talent management, career development, and personnel recruitment. WebSoft clients include over 1700 major banks, insurance companies, industrial holdings, retailers, and telecommunications companies throughout Russia and the CIS.

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