GMCS has developed a BI solution for customer support in Leroy Merlin

GMCS has developed a BI solution based on Tableau for customer support quality control for Leroy Merlin Russia, the Russian division of the international DYI retailer. Eight dashboards provide an operational snapshot of the customer support in stores and the contact center of Leroy Merlin Russia. 


The solution allows you to quickly track the key performance indicators that Leroy Merlin uses to monitor the customer support effectiveness in 112 stores in Russia. These are FCR (First Call Resolution), NPS (Net Promoter Score) and CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index) indices.

The FCR indicator measuring the proportion of support requests solved upon the first contact is calculated in Tableau in two sections: general and subject-specific. The subject-specific section excludes repeated requests from the client on a new topic as a repeated request, which improves the quality of the data. The NPS and CSI indicators demonstrate customer satisfaction with the advice received.

The reports are available both in the application and adapted for display on monitors in stores. You can see the indicators of each particular store through various communication channels (telephone, written requests, requests from the website) on the start sheet with the possibility of comparison within a range of 30 days.

“The reports now display information a few hours apart, allowing the store to compare its performance against other stores as well as city averages. In the future, we intend to make the data displayed in real-time. In addition, an increase in the overall FCR and CSI level is planned for 2021. The use of analytics obtained with the help of Tableau helps to monitor the performance of current indicators and achieve planned values, as well as improve the quality of customer service,” commented Kiril Panichev, Head of Customer Support and Telephone Sales, Leroy Merlin Russia.


The BI solution provides data on the availability of stores, topics and status of customer requests, the timing of accepting requests and preparing responses, and also allows you to analyze the availability of a store when transferring a call from the Leroy Merlin Russia contact center, track the number and topics of translations.

Tableau’s visual analytics system is simple and easy to use for end users with no technical background. The key users of the BI solution are store employees, such as directors, managers, customer service, logistics, as well as employees of the retailer’s central office.



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