Kommersant: 9.12.20 Online conference “Sustainable Business Development”

Kommersant online conference «Sustainable business development»

December 9, 2020

11:00 — 13:00

The concept of sustainable development  in Russia is just beginning to become the basis of a business strategy. Companies that began to implement sustainable practices in Russia earlier than others are now setting the new standards for corporate work. At the online conference speakers will share their experience and tools for implementing sustainable development strategies in practice.

Invited: the owners, top managers, heads of specialized devesions of large business, representatives of indiustry unions, associations, representatives of authorities, professional committees are invited to participate.


Ramaz Chiaurelli, radio presenter, «Kommersant FM»

«Implementation of sustainable development goals for economic growth and impovement of modern life»

Juliya Woll, Sustainability manager Rockwool Group of companies

«New requirements for companies and the increased corporate responsibility in a pandemic»

Anastasiya Timoshina, Corporate Affairs Director, Mars Petcare Russia


«Environmental agenda: engaging business, society and the state»

Donata Koroletskaya, Sustainability manager «JTI Russia»


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Anastasiya Gruzdeva, the deputy of head of business projects department

8 (812) 324-69-49, cell: +79119602122


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