Maxima Legal has added a criminal law practice led by Leonid Filanovsky

The Maxima Legal team has been joined by Leonid Filanovsky, a lawyer specialising in various aspects of criminal law for more than 20 years. As a partner, Leonid will lead a new practice area for the firm – the Criminal Law Practice.

“The creation of Criminal Law Practice is connected with the increasing demand of our private and corporate clients for legal support in the application of criminal law. Attracting such an experienced and well-established specialist as Leonid will expand our expertise and help protect the interests of our clients”, commented Managing Partner, Maxim Avrashkov.

Leonid Filanovsky has been practicing law since 1999. Leonid specialises in representing the interests of Russian and foreign corporations, their staff, executives and beneficiaries, as well as individuals at various stages of proceedings: during criminal proceedings, at the stage of investigative actions and at court hearings.

Leonid also represents the interests of clients in cooperation with regulators and law enforcement authorities, including as part of scheduled and unscheduled inspections of businesses and conducts internal corporate investigations and criminal legal due diligence of the activities of companies.

“I would not join a business that I don’t believe in, and I am glad that my approach is shared by such a strong player in the Russian legal market as Maxima Legal. I strongly share the corporate values ​​and principles of the firm and its significant experience in related areas of law allows us to work effectively”, said Leonid.

Maxima Legal is part of one of the largest international associations of law firms, International Lawyers Network. Participation in ILN and an established partnership network enables the firm to represent clients in criminal proceedings and advise on anti-corruption laws in 70 countries around the world, including the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany.

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