New service by STALOGISTIC – domestic transportation in Russia

Service development has always been one of STALOGISTIC’s top priorities. It is also very important that the expansion of the service or any new service first meet the needs and requirements of our customers. Based on these criteria, we launched a new service – domestic road transportation in Russian Federation.

Maksim Yanchevski, Deputy Director General of the STA Logistics Center shares about the plans and prospects for this service.


 – Why is it now you came with the decision to launch a transportation service in Russia?

Russia is currently undergoing active changes in its import process due to US and EU sanctions. In our dealings with many of our major customers, we concluded that for complex personal promotion and demand for such services coincides with our expansion plans. Cargo transportation within Russia is one of the most popular types of transportation among many major players in the Russian market.

– What opportunities are opening up with this service?

There are 3 main advantages:

  • The possibility of expanding the range of logistics services;
  • Increase of share of our current active clients;
  • Attracting large business through a new service.

 – What are the prospects for using this service?

Most important is the ability to serve customers from any region of Russia, which significantly expands the geography of our deliveries and transportation. For the customer is also important that logistic companies passed all the stages of the inspection and have no debts on tax obligations that are financially stable and provide a high level of service.

 New service features:

  • Trucking to / from anywhere in the Russian Federation;
  • Individual logistic scheme for maximum optimization of material and time resources;
  • Handling of each request and elaboration of the most convenient transportation option, taking into account the criteria of size, cargo category, urgency, delivery location, etc.

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