September 8th – Memorial Day of the beginning of Siege of Leningrad

On 8th of September in 1941 began the siege of Leningrad. No city in the world experienced such a catastrophe in the terrible 20th century. The initiative group “The Committee of September the 8th” proposes to remember the victims and hold memorial readings at the beginning of the siege of Leningrad.

It is necessary to read together the names of those who perished during the siege in the courtyards of the houses where they lived, in the schools and institutes where they studied, in the institutions and plants there they served and worked and in the squares of their beloved city.

Your office and offices of the companies – members of SPIBA, as well as buildings of the General Consulates can also become a place where on September the 8th, on the Memorial Day the names of the deceased Leningrad citizens will sound. We are ready to assist in drawing up a list of the victims of the blockade from the surrounding houses, those people who died in buildings related to the current life of the companies. In addition, you can select names from the general memorial list outside the geography criteria.

From 12 o’clock, in different parts of the city, the names of the Leningrad citizens who perished in the blockade will sound, since the data of most of them is known. We received prior consent to conduct readings in the State Russian Museum (in the Mikhailovsky Palace), in the Garden of the Fountain House (Liteiny Prospekt, 53), in the Journalist’s House (Nevsky Prospekt, 70), in the courtyards of the Capella (Embankment of the Moika River, 20), near the “Wall of Remembrance” (Konnaya Street, 10). People who are in solidarity with the conduct of the memorial readings, but can not take part in public events, we propose them to put a memory candle on the windows. The Metropolis of Saint-Petersburg also plans to conduct memorial services for the victims of the blockade on this day.

The initiative group “The Committee of September the 8th” hopes that the Memorial Day of a million victims of the Leningrad blockade will become a tradition. After all, it is memory that makes us human.

We ask you to assist in carrying out the Memorial Day on the territory of your offices. We will also be grateful for the dissemination of information about the Memorial Day.

Yours faithfully,

Leo Lurie,

ideologist of “Memorial Day”

Contact: Anastasia Pristseva

Project Manager of “Memorial Day”

+7 960 233 15 55

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