St. Petersburg Apart-Hotel Vertical presents five rooms in Russian avant-garde design.

The apart-hotel Vertical team loves experiments and strives for new better options for guests. This ambition is in the DNA of Vertical brand. For more information about the history and the name see on the page

As you know, everything new is born from the old, and we have decided to rethink the avant-garde trend in painting and to create five new rooms inspired by famous Russian avant-garde artists, because we are close to the philosophy of finding new solutions in what others seem familiar and unchanging.

Malevich, Kandinsky, Popova, Rozanova and Exter are the names of five artists from the history of painting, whose masterpieces have become the fundamental elements of new rooms.

If our guests catch up inspiration in the atmosphere of new creative rooms, they will be able to express their feelings on paper – we provide guests with sketchbooks, watercolors, brushes and pencils. At the end of the year, we will organize an exhibition in the hotel lobby to present the best works of our guests.

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