STALOGISTIC is mastering the service of liquid cargo transportation

The organization of the process of liquid cargo transportation has many peculiarities and requires careful preparation: from choosing the type of rolling stock to follow the special conditions.

We are pleased to announce the first successful steps taken by the specialists of our company in the field of launching the liquid cargo transportation.

Customer Service Specialist Yekaterina Kleinova and Project Development Manager Valery Buksha talk about the features of the service:

“The main problem in organizing the liquid cargo transportation is the lack of reverse loading for the contractor’s transport. Our company is implementing a strategy whereby we can ensure a full-load round trip. Such transportation has a number of advantages: for the customer – it is an opportunity to get better prices, for the carrier – full load traffic in both directions.

Based on the needs of the customer, we can also arrange the delivery of liquid by sea in tank containers and flexi tanks.

We have established cooperation in this area with carriers and continue to search for new ones to expand the range of services. As for the service, at the moment several deliverables have been successfully completed, and we are pleased to offer such transportation solutions to our customers.”


Main directions: export / import from / to Belarus, the Russian Federation.

Type of cargo: liquid chemistry and food liquids.

Delivery schemes: auto and sea vessels, multimodal scheme.


For all questions about opportunities for cooperation:

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For partners’ requests – Valery Buksha, email:

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