SWISSAM International University invites to the open webinars

SWISSAM International University will hold two webinars for the business owners and managers in hotel and restaurant industry. 

On September 12’th at 14:00 EST you can participate in the webinar “Positioning of a hotel based on brand archetypes”

Speaker: Ksenia Besborodova, lecturer at SWISSAM university, senior business development manager at “Ostrovok”, practicing expert in revenue management in hotel business.

On webinar we will discuss:

  • Common mistakes in market positioning of a hotel,
  • Archetypes theory as one of the approaches to creating a hotel brand,
  • Pricing in a hotel with the right positioning.


Participants of the webinar will get a form of defining a hotel archetype and a step-by-step instruction on how to bould a hotel brand based on an archetype.

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On September 13’th at 14:00 EST you can participate in the webinar “Bar card in the new reality”.

On webinar we will discuss:

  • Current market situation with imported alcohol,
  • Russian analogs that you can pay attention to,
  • How to change the bar menu and avoid losing guests,
  • How to work with new prices of drinks.

Speaker: Pavel Shitov, lecturer at SWISSAM university, bar-manager at Harley Drink Bar, 10+ years of experience in the bar industry,

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