Charitable Foundation “Bright Life” (Yarkaya Zhizn’): 1.08-30.09 6th charity marathon “BRIGHT LIFE” (YARKAYA ZHIZN’)

During the period from August 1 to September 30, 2021, the Charitable Foundation “Bright Life” (Yarkaya Zhizn’) will be holding the sixth charity marathon “BRIGHT LIFE” (YARKAYA ZHIZN’) (formerly named the St. Petersburg Charity Marathon).


The charity marathon “Bright Life” (Yarkaya Zhizn’) is one of the largest charity events in St. Petersburg. But in 2021, this marathon will become the all-Russian one. It will be held online throughout the whole Russia. This project makes it possible to combine participation in the marathon with assistance. The goal is to raise funds in order to provide targeted assistance to the foundation care recipients.

We invite you to become the marathon participants!

Registration for the marathon:

As for the companies, we offer:

  1. Sponsorship participation (you may get the details from the presentation)
  2. The marathon participation of the company’s employees: a team of runners acts on behalf of the company, and then at the end of the marathon we summarize the results among the participating teams. After we will choose the “most running” company.


During the last 5 years, more than 4,000 participants have already taken part in the race and the event has been supported by more than 100 companies. Thanks to our partners and participants of the race, we have managed to contribute and pay 2,330,432 rubles (for a total) for the treatment of 27 children.

This year, the collected funds will be used in order to provide targeted assistance to the Bright Life (Yarkaya Zhizn’) Foundation care recipients.

For 10 years the Charitable Foundation “Bright Life” (Yarkaya Zhizn’) ( has been helping orphaned children, elderly people and children suffering from serious illnesses. Under our care we currently have about 180 grandparents living independently and about 400 people living in charity institutions, we oversee orphanages and nursing homes, conduct major charity events and promote the charity development in Russia. Our purpose is to make the lives of those who need it brighter.


The marathon registration form:

Corporate and sponsorship participation: 8-962-700-15-46

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